Our most important task is provide you services of the highest quality,
not encountered in other workshops.

We guarantee your visit in our garage just in time after telephone reservation.

We respect valuable time of ours clients.

We have advanced tools in ours workshop to do even the most difficult tasks.

Each client feels comfortable during service in our café room, where you can read the newspaper, drink tea or coffee, connect to the Internet using a wireless network or play on electronic game of pin-ball, all for free.

And now a few words about the quality of service:


We used factory setting ( procedures )when operating air conditioning systems (vacuum relevant times, the quality and amount of compressor oil, the dose of UV, the dose of refrigerant)

Every car service in our garage has applied UV dye , which makes it easy to find leaks of using a UV lamp (standard KACZOR SERWIS)

We use the original refrigerant R-134a : Du Pont, and Honeywell , we not use the Chinese refrigerant..

During the disinfection of air conditioning we use the most modern methods available in the market, which are safely for a large amount electronics components inside of the car.

Kind of Disinfections:

  • Ozone generator . Eliminates occurrence unpleasant smells from ducts inside the car and eliminates fungi or mould, particularly recommended for allergy sufferers. without chemicals fluids.

  • Ultrasound disinfection is a combination of chemical and ultrasonic generator. This is a more powerful method of ozon generator.. The chemical fluid is distributed in the cabin as a pair of ultrasound, which reaches the farthest corners of the air conditioning system and effectively eliminates the fungus and mold.
  • (We use only the original chemicals fluids from reputable companies : Weens , Berher- Hella, Normfest, Forch ,Wurth ,Berner )

  • Tire Service

    When we replacing your tires we try to make our best . For this purpose, we using special machine – to wash wheels with plastic pellets and water, or if it is not possible ( because of their shape), then wash them by hand.

    We work on the Germans machines like : Bosch and Hoffmann (Mercedes among tools)

    After changing yours tires go to the most advanced wheel balancer in the world: Hoffman Optima, which balancing wheels with 3 CCD cameras and three laser ray.

    After balanced , each wheel is tested in a special water bath to eliminate any leaks before putting on the car (other workshops didn’t do it )

    After installation, the wheels are screwed by hand first, then by the pneumatic key, and then once again they are tightened by hand, never came to spontaneous unscrewing the wheel from the car.

    In the end yours wheels will be presented shiny and clean (we do not leave the dirty marks), we wipe them (other workshops don’t do that). Finally, the tires are packed in bags and put them into the car (the client does not need to carry tires )

    Cała operacja trwa ok. 30 do 40 minut w tym czasie klient wypoczywa w naszej kawiarence popijając kawkę.

    The whole operation takes about 30 to 40 minutes, at this time, the client relaxes in ours cafe room.

    This is the quality of SERVICE KACZOR.

    Tomasz Kaczor