Our specializations is season changing of the tires summer/winter.

We change tiers on a most advance machine - Bosch and Hoffmann.

We will balance your wheals on the laser balancer type Hoffmann Optima 3D.

We service Ultra High Performance, and Run on Flat tiers.

We are a service partner of the largest store online „Oponeo.pl

We recommend filling tiers with nitrogen, which gives a constant tire pressure regardless of the external temperature. Especially recommended for cars with tire pressure sensors.

Cost of inflation 5 zł per wheel.

We repair internal thread in M12 x 1,5 mm and M12 x 1,25 mm wheels

We invite you to seasoning tire change in your car.
Entire cost of service (washing, installing, balancing and the weights) – 90 to 150 zł
Depending of wheals (steel or aluminum).
We take customers every 40 minutes, with no delays.
(We respect customer’s valuable time).
We use for Balancing weights made of steel or zinc (we do not use lead weights).

When your car is being serviced, we offer you a comfortable waiting rooms ,with free internet access, newspapers, coffee and tea.

Replacement tires have brought to perfection, we took first place in the competition organized by the Goodyear tire service to strongest service in Poland.

KACZOR SERVICE- the most powerful tire service

First place in the competitions of tires changing on 8 Fair Inter Cars in Cząstków Mazowiecki near Warsaw (07-09-2008) .