We professionally filling the air conditioning automotive refrigerant systems, Honeywell and DuPont renowned manufacturers such as: ,we replacement cabin air filters ,we do disinfection.

We offer car air conditioning repairing:

- replacement of compressors,
- replacement or repairing refrigerant pipes and ducts,
- replacement of filters, dryers,
- replacement of expansion Valve,
- replacement of condensers

We provide original parts, and their cheaper alternatives.

We give you warranty – from 6 and 12 months.

          We invite you for car air conditioning inspection every 2 years.

Price of inspection service 200 zł (time - 1h).

We invite you for car air conditioning ultrasonic or ozone disinfection every year.

Ultrasound disinfection of Wynns III generation air conditioning, especially recommended for allergy sufferers - freshens the whole inside of the car and disinfects ventilation and air-conditioning elements.

Price of service 180zł • time: half an hour.

Ozone disinfection of air-conditioning 1-2 times a year, best before and after the season. Eliminates occurrence of unpleasant smells from ducts and eliminates fungi or mould, particularly recommended for allergy sufferers. without chemicals fluids.

Price of service 150zł • time: half an hour.

We invite you to for cabin filter changing, every year. Price of service from 50zł to 150 zł.

Prices: Prices of services - download